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Humates and Soil Remediation
Humates and Oil Pollutions (Project)
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Humates for growing vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, etc) on hydroponics (“Hydro-Hume”)


The authour’s results showed that derivatives of humate products particularly the fulvic acid fraction increased stem heights and diameters of the tomato plants. A positive effect of humic substances upon chlorophyll content in leaves correlates with higher yield of treated plants. The humates substantially increased the average diameter of fruits and number of fruits per a cluster. Total biomass of fruits of treated plants exceeded control up to 38-42%. The relative growth rate of cucumbers and green pepper plants increased as the result of humate application on 20 and 30% subsequently.


New technologies of humate  application in hydroponic technologies can be lucrative for growers. For example, growers can reduce a growing area up to 25-30% and safe a substantial amount of resources as result of humate application without any losses of production and get even better quality yield without any loses of production and to get even a better quality yield. Please read the story in “The Growing Edge” (September/October 2002, Vol. 14:1)

Humate-based Fertilizers and Soil Amendments


Plant Starter Fertilizer with Humates, Plant food “Navigators”, Natural Fertilizer for Vegetables and other Humate- Based Natural fertilizers is the next generation in environmental friendly fertilizers. These products contain 100% natural and even food/feed-grade ingredients, guaranteeing cleanliness and safety. Each fertilizer and soil amendment has been scientifically formulated to “get to the root of the problem”. These products promote the growth of beneficial soil bacteria, allowing plants to process nitrogen, and helping to make soil nutrients more readily available to the plant. Research at leading universities has proven PERFECTLY Natural products outperform other organics and even rival many synthetic products. Customers also report that Humate- based natural fertilizers makes their gardens more vibrant and healthier than any other product on the market. As an example, PERFECTLY Natural Tomato Fertilizer 1-2-10 (currently on sale in Home Depot Canada) provides tomatoes with strong healthy root system and an abundance of fruits, and the added calcium can protect tomatoes from blossom end rot. Dr. Vasilenko has created and tested this formulation on HEINZ tomatoes. All these formulations are  exceptionally good for the organic growers.




 “PEATHUME” is a soil mix for miscellaneous purposes (growing vegetables, floricultural crops and shrubs) outdoor
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Natural Organic Humate-based Weed Killers


This year (2005) Dr. “Humate’s” “PERFECTLY Natural” Weed & Grass Killer was successfully launch in the U.S. through Wal-Mart (79.6% sell-through in less then seven weeks). As municipalities across USA and Canada continue to pass legislation banning chemical pesticides PN Weed Killer will quickly begin replacing Roudnup on retailer’s shelves. PN Weed & Grass Killer is the family and environmentally-friendly herbicide for all weed clean-up and edging application. Ingredients are all natural products.  The weed killer gives a visible effects within 1 hour of application.


Two other formulations of natural herbicides created by Dr. “Humate”—  ‘WeedEraser” (selective) and “WeedWiper” (non-selective) are awaiting for the introduction to the market.

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HUMATES FOR SEED ENHANCEMENT- A Perfect Natural Stimulators of Seed Germination
Product and technology presented to FAO

Seed enhancement with Natural factors


The inventor offers innovative technology for seed enhancement using inexpensive natural materials. These technologies have been recently developed as a result of 15 years of research conducted by Dr. Vladimir Vasilenko on vegetable, ornamental, cereal, tobacco and other seeds for with a variety of uses. For example, his seed enhancement technology may be a perfect match for the principles of organic seed production and may also be useful for conventional seed technologies.

Treating the seed with the humic subsstances is beneficial. It allows consumers to avoid or decrease usage of artificial chemical protectants (e.g fungicides, etc.) when coating, in turn minimizing risk to the environment and people. Dr. Vasilenko’ technology makes it possible to replace pesticide usage in film coating and pelleting processes with proprietary compositionsof humates that is as effective as pesticide treatments but much cheaper and safer. The ingredients of organic-mineral compositions are also able to provide anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection to the seed.        

Dr. HUMATE wellcomes any questions and comments from you. Please send him your letters to the following address:  P.O.Box 582 * Maxville, ON *K0C 1T0  CANADA*