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Today there is a widespread concern over the negative effects of various chemicals on food. More than 3,000 chemicals are presently added to food. The average American diet may cause about one third of all cancers!
Dr. “Humate’s” inventions provide a solid background for opening new horizons in sustainable agriculture, environmental and food technologies. On this page, Dr. "Humate" will tell you about his products that could make our way to healthy food and environment much shorter.

Humates-Modern Applications of Ancient Acids


 Humic acids are naturally present in the organic matter in soil and include a large  family of organic compounds that feature unique characteristics. Humates are the salts of humic acids and are derived from the remains of   plants and animals that lived millions of years ago. Most people generally refer to both humic and fulvic acids collectively as “humic acids” and “humates”. While both humic and fulvic acids are both complex   organic molecules, humic acids are recognized to have greater molecular weight. Humic acids - the fraction of humic substances that is not soluble in water but is  soluble at higher pH values. They are dark brown to black in color. Fulvic acids - the fraction of humic substances that is soluble in water under all pH conditions. Fulvic acids are light yellow to yellow-brown in color.


Doctor “Humate” is happy to introduce you with his inventions and show you how to apply and get the best from numerous technologies and products based on the usage of humic substances.



Understanding Humic Effects


Humic acids have been shown to increase the rate and percentage of seed germination and stimulate plant growth by accelerating cell division, increasing the rate of development in root systems, and increasing the yield of dry matter. So, humates bring unique features to both natural and artificial the soil mixes.  Humic acids can also improve the uptake of phosphates from banded fertilizers. An added benefit of applying humic acids with liquid fertilizers is their ability to buffer the salinity and toxicity of fertilizers. So, Humic acids make much better whatever plant food. They are kind of “Navigators” that help nutritional elements get into the root system and escape leaching or be washed away from ther soil. Humates are outstanding helpers for professional growers and home gardeners. Organic agriculture is unable to be very productive without using of humate products. Humic substances are the excellent remedy for a soil contaminated with heavy metals and chemical pollutants. Humates are also very good supplement to animal fodders that make they diets healthy. Even your kids may have lots of fun playing with the specially prepared samples of a million years old “dinosaurs soil” and make they personal discoveries about ancient life on the earth. And, it is not last, the extraordinary physiological and biochemical properties of humic substances carry a great potential to make great number of organic products and healthy food and improve the environmental conditions on the planet. Doctor “Humate” is happy to tell you all about it!



Two products of Dr. HUMATE's are the bestsellers at Wal-Mart and Home Depot stores across USA and Canada 

Dr. HUMATE holds PERFECTLY Natural Humate based Tomato Fertilizer and PN Organic Weed Killer.

Products created by Doctor “Humate” will bring you spectacular results:



  • Humates for Seed Enhancement:

The Seed- coating Powder and Plant Starter Mix;



  • Humates for Hydroponics:

GREENPOWER- Liquid fulvo-humate supplement for growing vegetables in hydroponics;



  • Humate-based Fertilizers and Soil Amendments:

Plant Starter Fertilizer with Humates; Plant food “Navigators”, Natural Fertilizer for Vegetables; Soil Amendment: ” New-Mexican” and Soil “Doctor Humate”;



  • Natural Organic Humate-based Weed Killers:

‘WeedEraser” and “WeedWiper” selective and non-selective formulations of natural herbicides;



  • Humates as Supplements in Animal Fodders:

Cattle-HUME Chick-HUME and “Doctor Humate” food additive for animals



  • Humi-Funs or Humates for Kids:

Play kit: “Dinosaurs and an educational set ” Land before Time”

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