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Dr. Vladimir Vasilenko will introduce you with his  new technology of Seed Enhancement based on application of light and naturally - occurring substances.

         High rates of germination and vigorous seedlings are priority goals for the horticulture and plant agriculture. Every non-germinated seed or poor quality seedling wastes valuable space and resources. Seed technologies continue to offer new solutions for solving the problems of establishing healthy fast growing plants. However, in most of the cases technologies for increasing seed germination rates are limited to chemical treatments only – they are not suitable for growing plants organically.

Seed performance in our trials was improved by the combined treatments of seeds with the light and organically - chelated microelements that can be considered as “natural” pre-sowing treatment of seeds. These trials included, five vegetables (carrot, cucumber, lettuce, pepper and tomato), five field (barley, corn, soybean, tobacco and wheat) and several ornamental crops. A light-emitting device (LED- panel) was designed for pre-sowing treatment by illumination of seeds with light of certain wavelengths of red and infrared parts of sunlight spectrum. The treatment increased the percent of germination of low and medium quality cucumber, lettuce, barley, corn, soybean and wheat seeds from 5% to 15%. Stimulation of germination (20%) and 1.5-fold increase in dry weight accumulation were observed with tobacco treated with the light. The treatments produced statistically significant improvement in germination of tomatoes, including Heinz Seed tomato hybrids. Treated hybrids had 7-14% more healthy plants than untreated (control) and greater biomass accumulation.


Application of “organic - mineral powders” with the light irradiation facilitates substantially the procedure of seed treatment and helps to solve the problem of shorter shelf life of primed seeds. Our company designed the seed treatment units that can be easily used by seed growers. The growers, especially organic growers, can save substantial funds priming the seeds themselves instead of spending money for expensive seeds from companies. This technology also holds promise in the brewing and malting industry. Enhanced and homogeneous germination of barley or other malted grains is seen as a very desirable objective in seeking to improve the malting process.


Dr. Vasilenko believes that there research in this field and practical application of seed enhancement technology with high potential commercial ability on the market of innovations for organic agriculture. His company is looking for new opportunities to run series of trials in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of our technology on seeds of different organically grown crops.


 The interest of organic farmers, seed companies and research institutions will be welcomed.  

The reaction of researched crops to the seed treatments included:


a.)    acceleration of germination and increased germination percentage;


b.)    better quality of seedling;


c.)    increased biomass (fresh and dry weight) of plants and


d.)   increased tolerance of young plants to cold and heat stresses.



Strong and healthy plants begin with good seeds!

Fig. 1. Germination of lettuce seeds
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