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Seed Enhancement Technology

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Seed Enhancement Technology
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Seed performance can be improved by pre-sowing treatments (seed enhancement) with different factors such as light, plant growth substances such as photo-hormones and humic acids. During the period from 1997 to 2005 we have done great number of trials on seeds of vegetables, cereals, floricultural and technical crops in many countries of the world such as Canada, USA, Russia, China, Netherlands, the United Kingdom and France.


Our studies showed that seeds treated with certain combinations of organic and mineral compounds as well as light increased the percentage of germination and vigour of seedling growth. New established technology has a number of merits and can be easily applied in the practice for seed enhancement. Competing technologies for increasing seed germination rates are currently limited to chemical treatment only that is not suitable for growing plants organically. Application of light, humates, mineral elements and other naturally occurring products for seed enhancement can be considered as “natural” for pre-sowing treatment of seeds.


About 200,000 HEINZ tomato seeds have been treated with my lighting system, and then taken to space by Marc Garneau to be tested for germination in 2500 classrooms across Canada in a National Education Event –“Tomatosphere”: Food for Sustaining life in Space in 2000-2001.


 Our seed enhancement technology can be very profitable due to high prices of hybrid seeds and cultivation of the transplant production.


Power of SEED Inc. would welcome your interest in a potential partnership introducing our technology to the marketplace. 


Dr. Vladimir Vasilenko shows his Conveyor machine for Seed Treatment to Cadadian Astronaut Bob Thirsk (left). The picture was taken at the University of Guelph in 1999

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